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Your mental health and wellness is vital to your success at Beverly.  The NormanAid Wellness Center (NAWC) and my team are here to support YOU throughout your high school journey.

Beginning high school or returning after summer vacation can be both exciting and daunting. New schedules, classes, grades and friends can cause anxieties that manifest into other situations.  You are not alone.

NAWC provides you with useful tools on our website in the GET SUPPORT section and several WELLNESS PROGRAMS to help you achieve wellness and reach your goals. 

Some exciting highlights for the 2022-2023 school year:


Wellness Programs
  • We organize meaningful & fun school-wide events and provide wellness education for students, parents and staff.
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Mental health monthly themes to raise awareness and empower students to take care of themselves and their peers.
We celebrate mental health by hosting all our events on Tuesdays (Norman Connection, Podcast, Peer Group, Discussions, PE lessons).
Dynamic interviews and engaging discussions, that cover all aspects of teen culture, social experiences, mental health, & well-being.

Wellness Lessons 
PE classes will incorporate a wellness curriculum created by NormanAid Wellness Center. Along with physical fitness, students will build their mental fitness through NormanAid’s Today Well Lived podcasts, speakers, interactive activities, videos and film screenings. Students will learn how to cope with stress, improve their physical health, productivity at school and relationships. 
Mental Fitness
A successful and happy Norman lives by our Beverly Hills High School motto. 
“Each to-day well lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope."
What does a “Norman Well Lived” mean to you?
Click here to explore what the BHHS motto means and how to make it a way of life. By focusing on mental and emotional health, you can achieve personal and academic aspirations.
Next week we will be giving out Donuts to students who follow us @bhhsnormanaid. Students can find us on August 24th during lunch in front of Building B2. This will be our first Mental Health Lunch Activity. (Typically they will be held during lunch time on the first Tuesday of the month to kick off our MonthlyAid campaign). Donut worry, it’s going to be a SWEET year!
Our “Make Today Well Lived” podcast explores our motto, HOW TO make each to-day Well Lived, through engaging interviews and discussions with BHHS students, staff, alumni, wellness experts, and celebrities. Hosted by our peer counselor students and directed by KBEV.  Season 3 is kicking off with our very own “Norman Lifers”Vonzie Paysinger, Marla Weiss & Phil Chang. Coming Soon!
Norman Well Lived Podcast
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