Dec - Stress Management

Holiday lists, exams, shopping and partiesOH MY!!!  We have reached the end of the fall semester and finals quickly approaching. "The most wonderful time of year” may not feel the same to everyone.  In fact, 64% of people report that the holiday season exacerbates their mental health struggles (NAMI, 2014). So remember, we are here to help you manage… and this time with adorable puppies, music and Mr. & Mrs. Norman Claus!

December is “Stress Management” month. 

Research shows that excessive stress can lead to low academic performance, but learning stress management techniques can boost test scores. During this month, we will practice self-care and learn skills to help manage student stress and prepare for finals. Our motto for this month is “Breathe and Just Be”.  
And when stress begins to creep up, please visit the NormanAid Center at B2-201 to:
(December 7th) 
CALM YOUR MIND - prepare for finals. As we come to the end of the fall semester, with finals and winter holidays quickly approaching, let’s take a DEEP BREATH… and know that you got this! Join our lunchtime discussion facilitated by NormanAid Peer Counselors to learn tools for managing stress, relax and get support before finals. With the generous support of Michael J Libow and Matthew Silverman Memorial Foundation, we will provide calming refreshments to all who participate.

(December 14) 
Join us at our Norman Winter De-stress Fest. We will have MANY fun, relaxing and de-stressing activities available for students AND staff. With the generous support of Michael J Libow and Matthew Silverman Memorial Foundation, we will have a variety of events including puppies, music, candy, and Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus. 
This year, we’re dedicating our Winter Fest to help our Norman Senior TAYLOR RUBIN get back on her feet after being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), a demyelinating central nervous system disease that is very rare in teens her age. ** Please consider donating to this incredible BHUSD family’s GoFundMe to help pay for rehabilitation services so that she’ll be able to walk, run, drive & dance again with her brother, one of our very own peer counselors.


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