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Happy Mental Health Tuesday Normans!


Tis the season of holiday lists, exams, shopping, and parties! As we wrap up the fall semester, finals are just around the corner. Despite the saying, Holiday Season does not resonate with “the most wonderful time of the year” for everyone. Did you know that 64% of people find the holidays challenging for mental health? But worry not! We’re here with counseling support, engaging activities, stress management techniques, and daily self-care tips to guide you through it all.

December is “Stress Management” month. 


Research demonstrates that excessive stress can impact academic performance negatively, but acquiring stress management techniques has the potential to elevate test scores. In the coming weeks, we will focus on self-care and cultivating skills to adeptly handle student stress, gearing up for success in the upcoming finals. Our motto for this month is “Pause, Center, Excel.”




Please join us in our December’s Support programs.  


And when stress begins to creep up, please visit the NormanAid Center at B2-201 to:


(December 1-20) 



Embark on a journey of self-care with our “Winter Break Countdown.’ For 20 days, unwrap daily doses of self care tips for support during the busy month of December and to help you prepare for finals.

Thoughtfully crafted by our devoted Peer Counselors, these insights not only foster the well-being of your mind and body but also empower you with stress management tips to navigate the pressures of daily life. Embrace the spirit of self-care and let each day remind you that the much-awaited winter break is on the horizon. 



(December 14) 


Join us at our Norman De-stress Winter Fest. We will have MANY fun, relaxing and de-stressing activities available for students AND staff. With the generous support of Michael J Libow and Matthew Silverman Memorial Foundation, we will have a variety of events including puppies, boxing, music, crafts and Mr. and Mrs. Norman Claus. 




(December 20) 


Season 4, Episode 4: “Hills & Harmony: Alumni Strategies for Managing Stress”


Dive into the heart of resilience with “Hills & Harmony,” where alum Sophie Szew opens up about her journey from Beverly Hills High School to becoming a mental health advocate. Noteworthy is Sophie’s role in the MTV Entertainment inaugural Mental Health Youth Action Forum, where she shared ideas at a White House event, shaping the future of creative public health campaigns related to mental health.


Continuing her advocacy, Sophie remains active with SAMSA, NAMI, and Lady Gaga’s Born This Way organizations. In this episode, she shares her powerful story, providing insights into stress management and revealing the coping mechanisms that have positively impacted her mental health. Join us for an engaging exploration of resilience and discover strategies to navigate stress, gaining insights on the path toward achieving harmony in your own life.




Check the GET SUPPORT section on our website for Test Anxiety, Meditation and  Self-Care.





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