NormanAid Welcome



This is your safe, calm and confidential space, designed to support students' mental health needs in a caring environment with an extensive team and tools to achieve wellness and reach your full potential as a Norman Well Lived
YOU ARE NOT ALONE.  We care, support and provide: 
 NORMANAID CENTER.  Nurture your mental health: 
The NormanAid Wellness Center is located in Room B2-201.
Our Mission:
Beverly Hills High School is committed to serving a diverse student body by providing counselingconflict mediationcrisis management and wellness programs that facilitate students' academic and life goals.
Founded and led by Ali Norman-Franks, NormanAid is a student support and wellness center offering counseling services, crisis intervention and management, conflict mediation, mental health education, peer counseling, among other services to promote the well-being of BHHS students. 
Our Partnerships:
The NormanAid Counseling Team works in partnership with The Maple Center CounselorsPupil Personnel Service (PPS) interns from USC and LMU, and Peer Counselors Program
Services are confidential.