Counseling Requests

Make an appointment to talk with a counselor by clicking on one of the scheduling options below.
"Counseling Request Form:" This form will allow you to request an appointment for one of NormanAid's  counselors. You will receive a summons from class within 1-5 days.
"Self Scheduling:"  NormanAid's self scheduling platform will allow you to select a counselor and the best meeting time. *You will need to sign in to the TAD secure platform. (Search emails from TAD to find your temporary password.) Please contact Mrs. Norman-Franks if you have problems signing in.
*Please note that appointments are subject to availability. If you have a crisis and are not able to schedule immediate help, please read the crisis support information below.

If you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency, in danger of hurting yourself or others, worried about your safety, or concerned about someone else in crisis, it's very important that you get immediate help! You can use the above "Request an Appointment" button but if you don't get matched to a counselor immediately, please take one of the following steps: Depending on the emergency, you may want to consider the following options:


  • Visit the NormanAid Center (B2-201) or the Main Office (B1-   )  and share that you are managing a crisis and need immediate help and they will help connect you to a NormanAid counselor.
  • Ask any BHHS staff member to help connect you to a NormanAid Counselor 


  • Tell a trusted adult
  • Call 911 or
  • Go to the nearest hospital emergency room
For more crisis resources, please visit our Crisis Support Page
Thank you for caring for the wellbeing of others! Please use the "REFER A STUDENT TO COUNSELING" button below and share as much information as you can so we can best support the student.
If you would like to share concerns about a BHHS student anonymously, you can use our confidential and anonymous reporting site- Normanonymous