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Medical Science Academy

Intro to Medical Science

Biotechnology Honors - Advanced

Biomedical  Innovations Honors - Capstone

Pre-Medicine, Health Fields; Doctor, Nurse, Nurse Practitioner, Physician, Surgeon, Optometrist, Dentist, Physical Therapist, Biomedical Technican, Research and , Lab Technicans


Graduation Requirement

Applies to the Elective requirement of 55 Semester Credits in Grades 9-12 and fulfills science "d" requirement for Life Science.


Program Information

The Medical Science Academy is a 3-year multi-disciplinary program incorporating college preparatory academics as well as exposure to careers in the Medical, Science and Healthcare fields. 
The program offers opportunities to volunteer at Cedars-Sinai. In addition, the program offers internships, field trips and guest speakers from the Medical and Science community.
Technical Curriculum:
Year 1 students take Introduction to Medical Science (a UC approved Lab Science course), which also fulfills the Health Education graduation requirement. Introduction to Medical Science exposes students to medical terminology (particularly Latin and Greek word origin), anatomy and physiology, diseases, conditions, diagnostics and medical procedures. This course also includes career focus and prepares students for their 11th grade healthcare experiences.
Year 2 students take Biotechnology (a UC approved Lab Science course).  Biotechnology is the study and manipulation of living things or their component molecules, cells, tissues, or organs.  Biotechnology includes lab skills and modern techniques that involve recombinant DNA, PCR, genetic engineering, ELISA and much more.  Biotechnology reflects the application of exciting new technologies for research and development of new products.  
Year 3 students take Biomedical Innovation (BI)  (a UC approved Honors Lab Science course), the final course of the Medical Science Academy sequence, students build on the knowledge and skills gained from previous courses to design innovative solutions for the most pressing health challenges of the 21st century. Students address topics ranging from public health and biomedical engineering to clinical medicine and physiology. They have the opportunity to work on an independent project with a mentor or advisor from a university, medical facility, or research institution.
12th Grade students can fulfill the technical requirement with a Lab Science course offered by our Science Department or AP Psychology.   See your counselor for more information on your choices.
Advantages for students accepted into the Academy:
  • 4 years commitment to scientific courses
  • Classes aligned with students’ interest
  • Peers that share their interest
  • Academy sponsored social events and field trips
  • Careers advice from healthcare and science professionals
  • Preparation toward a college major or job
  • Meet and work with medical and science professionals