Computer Science/Engineering



Year 1

Year 2 

Year 3 

Year 4 

College / Career 


Coding - Introduction

Coding - Advanced

AP Computer Science -Principles

AP Computer Science & Programming 

AP Computer Science -Principles

AP Computer Science & Programming 

Software Application Developer, Web Developer, Computer Systems Engineer/Analyst, Software Engineer, Business Analyst, Computer Programmer


Engineering Design - Intro

Aerospace Engineering


Aerospace Engineer, Civil Engineer, Urban Planning, Mechanical Engineer, Industrial Engineer, Drafting

Design, Biomedical Engineering


Robotics - Introduction

Advanced Robotics 

Robotics Capstone 

Robotics Capstone 

Robotics Engineer, Software Developer, Sales Engineer, Computer Science 


Graduation Requirement

Applies to the Elective requirement of 55 Semester Credits in Grades 9-12.