Counseling Center

Welcome to BHHS Counseling!

We offer a variety of resources to support students' academic and personal growth. 

Our School Counselors provide counseling, expertise and support toward helping students achieve academic, social/emotional and college & career success. They assist with course selection, personal and academic concerns, college applications, and much more. 

Our College and Career Centers are a great resource for students wishing to research colleges and scholarships, as well as opportunities for jobs, internships and community service.

Our NormanAid Wellness Center provides a range of mental health supports, including drop-in counseling, individual and group counseling, and psycho-education. They follow a short-term school-based mental health model, and provide referrals to students needing longer term care. 

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School Counseling Team

Kristi Bond Pic Janice Hart Counselor Greg Jackson Yejeen Nam Counselor
Kristi Bond
Head Counselor
Kat Blanco
Janice Hart
Greg Jackson
Yejeen Nam


NormanAid Wellness Center



College &

Ali Norman Casey Barneson Cindy Dubin Marguerite Ku
Alison Norman-Franks
Wellness Counselor
Casey Barneson
College Counselor
Cindy Dubin
Career Education Coordinator
Marguerite Ku
College and Career Assistant
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