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How does being an athlete at Beverly affect your experience? 
I participate in many aspects of the athletic program at Beverly.  I love being a cheerleader at Beverly, the teamwork , the gymnastics, the pep rallies every Friday, promoting school spirit and cheering on my fellow Norman's in basketball and football. I also had the opportunity to work on the field with couches and athletes when I  took sports medicine with trainer Coleen Davenport. It made me realize this is a field I would like to make part of my future.Being part of the program makes me feel I am part of my school.  Albion Street and Make a Wish fund raisers  make me part of my community.  That is a worthy goal for athletics and for my life and so thankful I could be apart of it.
- Haley Miller (Cheer)
I love the athletics here at Beverly and I’m grateful to be apart of such an amazing program. This year is my third year playing basketball here, and I’ve worked with many great coaches and staff members along the way. I enjoy being a part of a team, encouraging spirit, and representing my school. Beverly High’s athletic program provides athletes with countless opportunities that will help them later on in the future.
- Taylor Samidi (Basketball)
I came to this school expecting to play on a team. What I have experienced in Beverly athletics is that you are not just a part of a team, you are a part of a family. The athletics here create an exciting environment allowing you to feel what it’s like to fight and play hard with a family. We learn to have heart and passion when we play in this program, and you can’t get any other feeling like it from anywhere else. Beverly athletics is something special, and everyone should experience it.
- Sara Schwartz (Soccer)
At Beverly, a large portion of the student body participate in athletics. This creates a feeling of passion for sports by many of the students. Working towards a common goal with your teammates is one of the most valuable experiences one can learn. At Beverly, you have the opportunity to do this while playing a sport you enjoy.
- Thomas Recupero (Football and Baseball)
The thing that I like most about Beverly athletics is that it brings together the most remarkable student athletes and it gives me the opportunity to have fun and show my athletic capabilities. This program has taught me the importance of loyalty and work ethic. It has also taught me that when things get rough I have give a 200% effort and never give up.
- Isabel Nugent (Softball and Basketball)