Curriculum Adoption

Textbooks will be available for public review through February 14, 2023. Please follow the directions below to access and review textbooks for World Languages (Spanish and French).
For an overview of the online portal VHLCentral, watch this brief video.
Course Textbook/Publisher Public Review Link and Information
Spanish Senderos, 2023/Vista Higher Learning
  1. Access the Supersite by going to
  2. Login to the review account with the username: [email protected]
  3. Enter the password: beverly23
  4. Click on the book cover you want to review
  5. Click on Assignments to view activities and Learning Tools to view the vText
    (virtual textbook) and additional learning materials
Spanish (AP) Temas, 2022/Vista Higher Learning
French (1-4) Chemins, 2023/Vista Higher Learning
French (AP) Thèmes, 2022/Vista Higher Learning