Curriculum Adoption

Textbooks will be available for public review until April 8, 2022. Please follow the directions below to access and review textbooks for English Language Arts and Social Studies.
Course Textbook/Publisher Public Review Link and Information
English (All grades) myPerspectives/Savvas
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World History The Modern Era, 2022/Savvas
U.S. History Reconstruction to the Present, 2022/Savvas
Economics Economics: Principles in Action, 2019/Savvas
American Government Magruder’s American Government, 2019/Savvas
AP U.S. History
The American Pageant, 17th Edition, 2020/Cengage
AP Comparative Government
Introduction to Comparative Politics: Political Challenges and Challenging Agendas, 2019/Cengage
AP Government
American Government: Stories of a Nation, 2021/BFW
American Politics and Government Today, 2022/Norton (supplemental material)