Q: How can I sign up for counseling?
A: Come to the NormanAid Center to fill out a request for counseling form. A counselor will be in touch with you.
Q: Is everything I say going to be kept confidential?
A: Yes, with a few exceptions. Confidentiality may be kept unless you inform your counselor that you are going to harm yourself or someone else, or someone else is harming or has harmed you. Confidentiality will only be broken to the appropriate authorities.
Q: What if I don’t want to see a counselor but I want to recommend someone?
A: You can make a referral by talking to someone at the NormanAid about your concern for someone else. You can also make an anonymous referral on Normanonymous.
Q: How often can I utilize the NormanAid Center?
A: The NormanAid Center is here to support you as often as you need; however, due to the limited availability of counselors, students typically receive individual counseling once a week. We encourage you to come to the NormanAid Center if you ever feel the need to talk with someone.
Q: Do my parents need to know that I am seeing someone at the NormanAid Center?
A: We encourage students to be open with their parents about the services students receive at school. If you are being seen by a Maple, a parent consent form is required. Counselors will not share details of counseling sessions with parents unless a breach of confidentiality is necessary to protect the student’s safety and wellbeing.