Oct-Substance Misuse Prevention


“Substance Misuse Prevention” Month. Reality Check!"


Greetings Normans!


We all need a REALITY CHECK every so often.  Count on us this month to give you a healthy dose of real facts in real time about substance misuse, abuse and poisoning, culminating with an IRL Reality Party for Parents!


Have you seen the headlines? It’s not fake news when we hear fake pills.


Right now, the fact is that criminal drug networks are flooding the market with fake pills laced with fentanylWe are all at risk.  Whether we are partygoers, experimenters or bystanders, we are all at risk to lose an acquaintance, a peer, a friend or a loved one to fentanyl poisoning.  


We’re not saying ‘not to party’.  On the contrary, after being in isolation during the pandemic, we should be celebrating life, but do it safely

October is “Substance Misuse Prevention” month. 

Throughout the month we will educate you on the impacts of drug and alcohol misuse, and on ways to strengthen your support systems to help manage the challenging peer pressures.




Check the GET SUPPORT section on our website on Substance Abuse, Fentanyl and Peer Pressure.


Our motto for this month is “Celebrate Life. Live Drug Free”.  Please join us in our October’s Support programs featuring a weeklong schedule of activities in honor of National Red Ribbon Week (10/23-10/31).

(October 23) 


Parents can register now for the Reality Party to experience the current realities of teen parties and learn how to help change these dangerous social norms. Presented by NormanAid & BRITE in collaboration with community partners, the tours will portray a teen party staged by BHHS student actors. After the 30 minute tour, parents will participate in a 30 minute debrief discussion with an expert panel on how to keep kids safe. Choose an hour between 2:00pm and 5:30pm.


(October 24) 

VIDEOS FOR FAMILIES Awareness is the first step.

Every family needs to have a discussion about the dangers of experimenting with substances.  We highly encourage all Norman families to watch these two videos / presentations together. It is truly the most important conversation that families need to have right now.


Learn how you can protect your family from fentanyl poisoning with an award-winning fentanyl documentary filmmaker. “Dead On Arrival”, is a must-see short 20 minute film about fentanyl’s deadly role in the U.S. illicit drug market. More life-saving resources on NaturalHigh.org.



Watch the “Straight Talk with Dr. Dolly Klock” presentation to learn about the Truth on Vaping and Weed. Founder of Adolessons, Dr. Klock is a Family Medicine physician with a tween and teen of her own.  



(October 25) 


‘Just Say No to Peer Pressure’ with RED Goodies!  In honor of Red Ribbon Week’s “Say no to Drugs” campaign, NormanAid Peer Counselors will lead a candid discussion about saying “no” to peer pressure.  Red goodies for all students who participate.



(October 26) 


Season 3, Episode 2: “Celebrating Safely”

Featuring one of our own Maple Counselors, Stephanie Rosenberg, who worked at a treatment center, will discuss the meaning of “natural high”, share tools for celebrating safely and responsibly, and practice healthy coping skills for managing stress.



(October 27 & 28) 


Teens often have a tendency to feel indestructible and immune to the problems that others experience. During your PE classes and athletics you will hear the shocking and tragic stories shared by two mothers, Lori Lahman and Juli Shamash (founder of Moms Against Drugs and family non-profit, Drug Awareness Foundation), who lost their sons to fentanyl poisoning.



Be Safe & Well,

Ali Norman-Franks & NormanAid Counseling Team


[email protected]