Oct-Substance Misuse Prevention

“Substance Misuse Prevention: Embrace a Drug-Free Life”


Happy Mental Health Tuesday!


NormanAid is dedicated to educating you on the consequences of drug and alcohol misuse and helping you embrace a Drug-Free Life through engaging activities that provide a natural high. A natural high entails finding fulfillment, joy, and excitement in wholesome experiences that enrich your well-being and keep you on a positive life path. It means discovering the exhilaration that comes from activities like sports, art, music, volunteering, and spending quality time with loved ones, all of which contribute to your overall happiness and personal growth, without the need for harmful substances. 


October is “Substance Misuse Prevention” month. 

Throughout the month we will educate you on the impacts of drug and alcohol misuse, and help you discover activities that offer a sustainable and healthy way to feel good, boost your mental and physical health, and help you lead a fulfilling life free from the negative impacts of substance abuse.


Check the GET SUPPORT section on our website on Substance Abuse, Fentanyl and Peer Pressure.


Our motto for this month is “Celebrate Sobriety: Your High Comes from Within.”.  Please join us in our October’s Support programs featuring activities in honor of National Red Ribbon Week (Oct 23-31).



(October 23) Monday Movie: PARANORMAN

(Every Monday)


Join Us for Monday Movie! This October, we're featuring "ParaNorman," a thrilling Halloween adventure starring Norman, a remarkable young boy who can communicate with ghosts. Norman's extraordinary journey showcases how courage and determination can triumph, even in the spookiest of circumstances. Witness his supernatural gift as he embarks on a quest to rescue his town from an age-old curse. Be inspired by Norman's unwavering dedication to his community and his determination to do what's right! Don't miss this heartwarming and spine-tingling Monday Movie.



(October 24) 


Season 4, Episode 3: “Cultivating a Naturally Elevated Lifestyle”

Join us as Doug Rosen, a Beverly alumni, and Josh Fingerhut, distinguished professionals from the Beit T ‘Shuvah Treatment Center, guide you on a transformative journey towards a healthier, more fulfilling existence. In this episode, we discuss common substances used by teenagers, including vaping, alcohol, and other dangerous drugs. Gain essential insights into responsible celebration, crafting safer social gatherings, and acquiring invaluable coping strategies for effective stress management. Tune in and embark on the path to a naturally elevated lifestyle. 



(October 18 & 25) 


Teenagers frequently embrace a sense of invincibility, believing themselves impervious to the challenges others face. As part of students’ PE classes and athletics, they will have the opportunity to listen to the poignant and sobering narratives recounted by Lori Lahman and Juli Shamash, the founder of Moms Against Drugs and the Drug Awareness Foundation, both of whom tragically lost their sons to fentanyl poisoning. Their presentation and personal stories serve as a stark reminder of the harsh realities that young individuals may unwittingly confront, shedding light on the urgent need for awareness and vigilance in our communities.



(October 26 and 27) 


All students in PE classes will have the opportunity to watch the powerful screening of Under The Influence. It is the third documentary in the Screenagers trilogy. This film explores how technology has reshaped adolescence and its impact on substance use. Discover practical strategies that promote healthy decision-making, support teen mental health, and create a positive home environment. The film addresses common scenarios, reflecting the challenges teens face in today's media-saturated world. Huge thank you to the Matthew Silverman Memorial Foundation for making this film available for our students!



(October 30) 


Halloween can be scary, but nowhere near as scary as fentanyl poisoning. Learn how you can protect yourself with an award-winning fentanyl documentary filmmaker. “Dead On Arrival”. This is a must-see short 20 minute film about fentanyl’s deadly role in the U.S. illicit drug market. More life-saving resources on NaturalHigh.org.



(October 31) 


Join us in commemorating Red Ribbon Week’s “Say no to Drugs” campaign this Halloween! Normanaid Peer Counselors are spreading the spirit of safety and fun. We'll be giving out goodie bags filled with delicious red candies and handy tips designed to ensure students have safe gatherings. Don't miss this opportunity to make Halloween not only sweeter but also safer!




Be Safe & Well,

Ali Norman-Franks & NormanAid Counseling Team


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