May - Building Resilience

Happy Mental Health Tuesday!

This month, we are committed to equipping students with the tools and strategies to build their resilience so they can cope with challenges and flourish in the face of adversity. Each of us responds to stress and adversity in our own way. We can nurture our resilience by practicing self-care, such as setting boundaries, engaging in activities that bring us joy, and seeking support from trusted friends and professionals. 

As the final exam period approaches, it's natural to feel a sense of stress and pressure.  Resilience is the key to succeeding in our academic pursuits, especially during the final exam period. It is a skill that we can develop and strengthen through our experiences and through practice

We all have the power to cultivate strength and overcome challenges.

Keep pushing forward, stay resilient, and never give up on yourself. You've got this!

May is “Resilience” month. 

Our motto for this month is Nurture resilience and cultivate strength.  Please join us in our May’s support programs.


Check the GET SUPPORT on Resilience and Self-Care sections full of resources on our website.

(May 10th) 

Wellness Wednesday

CRAFTING RESILIENCE: Handmade pots for succulents

Join our Peer Counselors and create succulent pots while having a discussion on ways to nurture and strengthen your resilience. Your succulent pots can serve as a symbol of resilience by reminding you that even in difficult times, you can find ways to adapt, grow, and thrive. 



(May 24th) 


Season 3 Episode 5 “Being Madhappy and feeling together”

We are thrilled to bring you a special episode of our podcast featuring Peiman Raf, Co-Founder & CEO of Madhappy. He is one of our very own alumni who went from being a Norman to the successful owner of a clothing brand that focuses on creating conversation around mental health. Peiman will share with listeners the challenges he faced along the way and what helped him to develop resilience. NormanAid is so HAPPY to collaborate with Maddhappy and their mission of spreading joy and happiness and helping our community to “feel together”.



Safe & Well,

Ali Norman-Franks & NormanAid Counseling Team

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