Nov - Digital Safety

Greetings Normans, happy Mental Health Tuesday!


While technology can be a helpful tool to keep us all connected, it can also lead teens down some unsafe rabbit holes.  With an unprecedented dramatic increase in digital usage, we need to assure our safety and protect our mental health with a balanced relationship with our devices.  Social media is a tool and social platforms are a place to connect and care - but is that what's really happening? Is tech helping or hurting?  NormanAid is here to help you safely navigate your digital world and better connect with yourself and others.

November is “Digital Safety” month. 


Our motto for this month is “Disconnect to Connect”. Please join us in our November’s Support programs.


Check the GET SUPPORT on Digital Crisis section on our website.


(November 1st & 2nd) 


Students participating in Wellness Lessons, will attend a digital safety presentation to learn about their digital footprint, sextortion, underage sexting, and the dangers of internet pornography. Guest speaker Jonathan Cristall, spent his own teen years at Beverly Hills High School, taking unnecessary risks and getting into avoidable trouble. Now an attorney who works with at-risk youth and the father of three sons, Cristall wrote What They Don't Teach Teens to educate families and teens on important 21st-century skills in the digital age. Thank you Beverly Hills Education Foundation for supporting this important presentation.


(Week of November 7-14) 


Viewing Link Available 11/7-11/14


LIKE is an Original iNDIEFLIX documentary to help us find balance between our virtual and real lives.


LIKE explores the impact of social media on our lives and the effects of technology on the brain. Understanding that virtual connection is not going away and has many benefits, its goal is to inform, educate and inspire people of all ages to self-regulate, so they can enjoy balanced and fulfilled lives.


More hopeful in tone than ‘The Social Dilemma’, LIKE weaves in the stories and reflections of teenagers, and the perspectives of both brain scientists and Silicon Valley creators, who explain how our online behavior is affected by algorithms, from being compelled to respond to notifications, to manipulating ourselves to gain more 'likes'. It introduces JOMO - the Joy Of Missing Out, along with simple tips for taking back control over our devices and our free time. Subtitled into three languages, it has screened to over 10,000 communities across eight countries.



(Week of November 28-December 4) 


Viewing Link Available 11/28-12/4


The Upstanders is an iNDIEFLIX Original documentary about resilience, and the power of connection to end bullying.


The Upstanders explores all sides of cyber-bullying, from bully to victim, bystanders and family members. Social media’s power means that bullying is now a 24/7 phenomenon, where even changing schools and phone numbers, or deleting accounts cannot stop the cycle. Covid has increased the incidence of cyber-bullying by 70%. Changing human behavior and connection is the key, and this is what the film addresses.


Weaving together personal stories of teenagers and their families, as well as teachers and brain-scientists, The Upstanders shows the importance of empathy and resilience to transforming attitudes and action, and highlights new laws and established programs that are already reducing bullying in schools and communities. It shows that everyone is needed to eradicate cyber-bullying, and gives bystanders the confidence and tools to become 'Upstanders', and help change the narrative.




Take a relaxing break from technology and participate in a meditation led by a NormanAid Counselor.  Give yourself the opportunity to connect with yourself and others. Participants will leave with a hot herbal tea, mindfulness book and a BHHS Cell Phone ID holder wallet sticker. 



Episode 4: “You Have The Right To Remain SAFE!” 

For November Digital Safety, our next podcast episode will feature Los Angeles City Prosecutor & Book Author, Jonathan Cristall, will share the most important chapters of his book What They Don’t Teach Teens.


Be Safe & Well,

Ali Norman-Franks & NormanAid Counseling Team

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