Apr - Healthy Relationships

Happy Mental Health Tuesday Normans!


The relationships we form with other people are vital to our emotional well-being. We have an inherent desire to be close to others— to connect and build relationships. Healthy relationships, whether romantic, friendships or familial, can help make life healthier.  However, when social relationships are unhealthy or broken, it can have a big impact on our mental health.


Northwestern Medicine Psychologist Sheehan D. Fisher, PhD, stresses that relationships shouldn't come down to just one relationship, "Instead, focus on having a network of social support with a variety of different types of relationships — from romantic, to friendship to associate — to hold up your well-being and quality of life."


April is “Healthy Relationships” month. 


Our motto for this month is “Bring Peace Into Your Heart and Love into the World”. Please join us in our April’s Support programs.



Check the GET SUPPORT on Healthy Relationships, LGBTQIA+, Teen Relationship Violence sections full of resources on our website.


(April 6)


Lunch Discussion: The HEART of a Relationship 


Join NormanAid Peer Counselors in a fun activity and discuss what is in the heart of a healthy relationship and how to recognize signs of an unhealthy relationship. Learn how to set boundaries in your relationships (romantic, friendships or familial) so that your needs are met and you feel respected, safe and supported.  TEA AND TREATS will be provided.



(April 12)


Lunch Discussion and Craft: PICTURE PERFECT Relationship 


We all know that no relationship is truly perfect, but taking the time to envision and set boundaries for your ideal relationship is a crucial step towards fostering healthy and fulfilling connections. Whether it's with your significant other, family, or friends, it's important to prioritize your needs and ensure that you feel respected, safe, and supported. NormanAid Peer Counselors will guide you through an engaging discussion to reflect on your needs and preferences in a relationship. 


Together, we'll make a list of important qualities that you value in your relationships, helping you gain valuable insights and perspectives on what truly matters to you. As a reminder of your commitment to prioritize your needs, we'll create picture frames to store our lists. 

All supplies will be provided.




(April 25 & 26)

PRESENTATION BY JONATHAN CRISTALL Healthy Intimate Relationships and Connections


Jonathan Cristall, Los Angeles City Prosecutor & troubled teen to Book Author of What They Don’t Teach Teens will be conducting a presentation to help sensitize and clarify the many complicated, delicate situations that our students face and empower them to make good choices.



(April 26) 


Season 2 Episode 4: “Choosing Healthy Relationships: In Life, Friendships, and Love” Featuring Dr. Dolly Klock, MD who is a Board Certified Family Physician and the founder of Adolessons. She will help students create and maintain healthy relationships and define and assert boundaries in relationships - physical, emotional and mental.



BHHS students and teachers share in this powerful video the importance of being an ally and how we can ALL make a difference.  



WATCH THE FILM & DISCUSS- sponsored by the MSMF

“Straightlaced - How Gender’s Got Us All Tied Up”

This impactful documentary unearths how popular pressures around gender and sexuality are confining teens. The stories told by more than 50 teens reflect diverse experiences, show how gender role expectations and homophobia are interwoven, and connect with culture, race and class. Click here to watch the trailer. Click here to watch the film. (Login with email:  [email protected] and password: BHHS2021l!l )




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