Apr - Healthy Relationships


Happy Mental Health Tuesday Normans!


Relationships and human connections are essential for our emotional well-being. We naturally seek closeness to others— We need to connect and build relationships. Healthy relationships, whether romantic, friendships or familial, can help make life healthier.  However, when social relationships are unhealthy or broken, it can negatively impact our well-being.


Northwestern Medicine Psychologist Sheehan D. Fisher, PhD, stresses that relationships shouldn't come down to just one relationship, "Instead, focus on having a network of social support with a variety of different types of relationships — from romantic, to friendship to associate — to hold up your well-being and quality of life."


April is “Healthy Relationships” month. 


Our motto for this month is “Strong Connections = Strong Minds”. Please join us in our April Support programs.




 Check the GET SUPPORT on Healthy Relationships, LGBTQIA+, and Teen Relationship Violence sections full of resources on our website.



(April 17)


Communication Stations at the NormanAid Wellness Center. Mark your calendar for April 17th during lunchtime to engage in activities designed to enhance your communication skills. Explore various aspects of communication, including active listening, expressing emotions, and resolving conflicts peacefully, led by our dedicated Peer Counselors. We look forward to seeing you there!







(April 12, 15 & 16)


Dr. Dolly Klock and Jonathan Cristall: Safer Get Togethers


All seniors will participate in a presentation featuring two exceptional speakers, Jonathan Cristall and Dr. Dolly Klock. During this engaging event, students will explore crucial topics including self-care practices, raising awareness about fentanyl poisoning, understanding the risks associated with vaping and alcohol consumption, as well as strategies for preventing sexual violence and misconduct. Our goal is to equip our seniors with knowledge and skills to safeguard their well-being not only during their time at Beverly Hills High School but also as they embark on their journey beyond graduation.








Season 4 Episode 7: “Choosing Healthy Relationships: In Life, Friendships, and Love” Featuring Dr. Dolly Klock, MD, who is a Board Certified Family Physician and the founder of Adolessons. She will help students establish and maintain healthy relationships and define and assert boundaries in relationships - physical, emotional and mental.







Be Safe & Well,

Ali Norman-Franks & NormanAid Counseling Team


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