Mental Health


Everyone has mental health! Mental health is the state of our emotional and psychological wellbeing. Our mental health is connected to many factors in our life--our physical health, our relationships, our sense of purpose, our ability to handle hardship, and more. Just like we talk about things to take care of our physical health, we need to regularly talk about things to take care of our mental health. Your mind is a muscle and you can strengthen it. We don’t get strong abs by doing sit-ups only once. Our mind is the same. Improving our mental health requires time, practice, and consistency.


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Learn how to strengthen your mind and improve your mental health


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Take Action Some things you can do to boost your mental health:

    • Participate in NormanAid Wellness Wednesday Peer Group Discussions
    • Healthy habits: good night sleep, regular meals, drink enough water, move/exercise daily
    • Get in nature, spend time in the sun, enjoy the fresh air
    • Journal, self-reflect, practice gratitude
    • Spend time with people you love
    • Do things you enjoy--hobbies, sports, watch favorite shows, make art
    • Use your mind--study, read, watch a documentary, do a puzzle, play a game, get creative
    • Practice positive self-talk and affirm yourself
    • Give yourself permission to take a mental health day when you need it.
    • Take literally five minutes to meditate Meditation Tips
    • Practice Self Care Self Care Tips
    • Get help, even if you think what you're dealing with isn't "bad enough."