Career Day

Beverly High has an incredibly dynamic Career Day tradition!
 As a student self-scheduled conference day, our Career Day features over 125 speakers in over 80 fields, who embrace the opportunity to provide over 150 small workshop sessions across our entire campus throughout the morning.  
Students grades 9-12 register for 3 workshops in areas of interest to them.  It is a wonderful opportunity to gain perspective about different industry careers, and network with professionals regarding potential jobs and internships.
Our very own Culinary Arts students cater the speaker breakfast and lunch for over 200 attendees.  Our DECA Marketing students run the conference in terms of check-in, campus organization, and networking.
 If you are a student interested in volunteering for the day, please contact the DECA club members and/or the Interact club members or ASB.
We encourage parents and community members to participate in the event as speakers. Information on becoming a speaker and how to sign up will be sent out to families via our Parent Square communication system.
The basic outline of the day is as follows:

8:00 - 9:00 AM
Speaker Check-in & Coffee, Fruit, Yogurt Breakfast 
(speakers can check in later if only doing sessions 2 or 3)

9:00 - AM to Noon
Three Speaker Sessions
(approx 40 min each)
Speaker/Alumni Networking Lunch
EDC Courtyard (patio on Heath by Science and Tech building - rsvp required).