Career Day - 2023 Speaker Sessions by Profession

BHHS Students -
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Here is the list that also appears on AERIES:
CD5000    Accounting/Bank   (Accounting/Banking/Finance)
CD5001    Acting/Dance   (Acting)
CD5002    Architecture    (Architecture - Construction, Engineering, Landscape)
CD5003    Art    (Art -Fine Art, Graphic, Visual)
CD5004    Career Tips   (Practical tips about resumes, Interviews)
CD5005    Charitable Work  (Charitable/Non-Profit)
CD5006    ComputerProgram    (Computer Programming/Game Design/IT)
CD5008    Cosmetology    (Cosmetology/Make-up Artist)
CD5009    CSI/Forensics    (CSI/Forensics)
CD5011    Dentistry    (Dentist, Hygienist)
CD5012    Design    (Design - Interior, Product, Stage)
CD5013    Education    (Counselor, Teacher Administrator)
CD5014    Engineering    (Bio, Chem, Civil, Electric, Mechanical)
CD5015    Entrpreneurship    Entrepreneurship (Start Ups)
CD5020    Environment    (Ecology and Conservation)
CD5022    Event Planning    (Event Planning)
CD5023    Fashion    (Fashion Industry)
CD5024    FBI/Secret Serv    (FBI/Secret Service)
CD5025    Film&Television    (Producer, Director)
CD5026    Fire/Paramedic    
CD5027    Fitness   (Nutrition, PT, Sports Medicine, Training)
CD5029    Hotel/Culinary    
CD5030    Journalism  (Broadcast, Photo, Print, Sports)
CD5032    Law   (Attorney, Judge, Paralegal, Stenographer)
CD5033    Law Enforcement   
CD5040    Medical Tech   
CD5041    Medicine  (Doctor, Nurse, PA, Pharmacist, Speech)
CD5043    Military    
CD5044    Modeling   
CD5050    Music performer    (Performer, Composer)
CD5051    Music Industry    (Manager, Promoter)
CD5052    Personnel HR    (Management and Recruitment (HR)
CD5053    Photography    
CD5060    Politics    (Politics/Public Service/International Relations)
CD5061    Psychology  (Psychology, Psychiatry, Social Work)
CD5062    PR/ Marketing    
CD5064    Real Estate   (Agent, Appraiser, Mortgage Broker)
CD5065    Sales    (Pharmaceuticals, Retail)
CD5066    Senior Brunch   (12th grade only, Jeopardy Game and FOOD)
CD5067    SportsMarketing   (Sports Marketing, Sports Management
CD5068    StemCellResearc  (Stem Cell Research
CD5070    Talent Mgmt.    
CD5071    Veterinary Med.   
CD5072    Writing   (Fiction, Non Fiction, TV, Screenplays)
CD5073    Career Day Help  (DECA and ASB who are helping)