Career Pathways

Career Pathways organize classes and career information on a school campus. Students learn best when content is clustered by theme and is relevant to students’ interests.  Sequenced courses provide a hands-on way to show ALL students the relationship between skills that they learn at school and a range of career options. We offer the following pathways:

Visual and Performing Arts

Careers in this pathway include commercial photographers, graphic designers, cinematographers, film/video editors, journalists, radio and TV announcers and web page designers.

Business and Finance 

Careers in this pathway include entrepreneur, sales, marketing, computer/information systems, finance accounting, personnel, economics, management, account executive, agent, broker, business development manager, sales and marketing associates. 


Careers in this pathway include engineering (aerospace, chemical, electrical, mechanical), manufacturing, construction, service and related technologies.

Fashion Design

Careers in this pathway include apparel construction, pattern makers, retail merchandisers, fashion illustrators, costume designers, personal stylists, fashion writers, boutique owners, textile artists and more. 

Medical Science 

Careers in this pathway include physicians, physical therapists, physician assistants, athletic trainers, physicians, nurses, and the various people who assist them in the delivery of care.

Culinary Arts (Food and Hospitality Services)

Careers in this pathway include working in food service, catering, restaurants or hotels as a chef, manager,  owner, 

Computer Science

Careers in this pathway include support specialist, computer programmer, quality assurance tester, Web developer, IT technician Systems analyst, Network engineer, user experience designer.


For more information refer to the Pathways under Academics.



Join these fantastic programs that enable our students to compete in their areas of passion, such as business, journalism, and culinary arts!

  • DECA Marketing Competitions (email [email protected] for information).  Students compete in marketing across industries.
  • Skills USA Competitions (email [email protected] for information). Students compete in 20+ categories (photography, architecture, entrepreneurship, graphic design, broadcast, and more).
  • Speech and Debate (16 individual events and debate) (email [email protected] for information)