Summer School

Credit Recovery is an opportunity for students to retake a course required to graduate where a final grade of "F" was received. Students may also retake a course where a final grade of "D" was received to remain eligible for four year colleges/universities. The original course grade will remain on the student’s transcript however, only the new grade will be calculated into the GPA. 
Get Ahead is an opportunity for students to complete graduation requirements and course prerequisites in advance. This is on a case-by-case basis and subject to approval.

How Do I Take a Summer Class?

1.  Fill Out the "2023-2024 Credit Recovery/Get Ahead Approval Form"
Choose where you will be taking your summer class from the list of approved providers on the form below. For more information about any of those options, please visit their website and/or contact their customer service directly with any questions.
Below are the ONLY courses outside of BHHS that will fulfill the Personal Finance requirement, no other courses will be accepted:
  • APEX - "Financial Literacy"
  • Laurel Springs School - "Personal & Family Finance"
  • Options For Youth - "Personal Finance"
  • Silicon Valley HS - "Money Math, Part 1" and "Money Math, Part 2" (BOTH must be taken)
  • Santa Monica College - "Business 45, Individual Financial Planning" (3 units)
2.  Return the Form
Once you have fully completed the form with signatures from both you and your parent/guardian, please return the form to your counselor for approval. You may send the form via email as a PDF or picture as well. Do not register/enroll in your online class until your counselor has received the form and approved it.

3.  Register for Your Class
Register for your summer class directly through your chosen provider's website and/or by contacting their customer service. Please note that BHHS counselors cannot register you for summer classes.

4.  Provide Proof of Enrollment
Once you are enrolled in your summer class, please send your counselor a screenshot or picture showing the course you are enrolled in as proof. Your counselor cannot change your schedule for the next school year until they receive proof of enrollment.
SENIORS: All courses required to graduate must be completed with a passing grade by August 31st of the year you are graduating.

What's Next?

5.  Provide Proof of Completion
Once you have finished your summer class, please send your counselor a PDF copy of your transcript from your chosen school for proof of completion. Please be advised that a report card cannot be accepted as proof.