Reality Party

Reality party

REALITY PARTY:  Sunday - Oct 23, 2022

Exposing Today's Teen Party Culture
While students are learning about Substance Abuse during Monthly Aid's October program, NormanAid Wellness Center partnered with Brite and community collaborators to bring a unique immersive experience for BHHS parents known as the “Reality Party” to expose current culture, trends and dangers related to alcohol and drugs.
Parents experienced a realistic, simulated teen party at a private home in Beverly Hills, performed by BHHS student actors portraying common party activities, scripted to express their concerns about the current and unpredictable social scene. Immediately after a 30 minute tour, parents had the opportunity to engage with a panel of experts in a productive Q&A dialogue on how to keep kids safe.
Thank you to all the parents who registered and joined us!  Special thanks to our incredible facilitators, BHHS actors, volunteers and generous sponsorsBHEF, Rotary Club and BHHS PTSA!



DanielleDanielle Brooks
Danielle Brooks is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with an established private practice for nearly two decades. She specializes in working with kids, teens, couples and families utilizing a psychodynamic depth and reflection. Outside of her clinical practice, she devotes her time giving lectures to help parents foster a greater understanding of their children’s emotional health. She’s published articles in,, Adoption Today, featured on, the Hallmark Home and Family Show.
jonJonathan Cristall, Esq.
Jonathan spent his own teen years taking unnecessary risks and getting into avoidable trouble. Now a veteran prosecutor for the City of Los Angeles, he went from disregarding laws to enforcing them. Cristall, a certified sexual violence prevention instructor, teaches physical, digital, and legal life safety skills related to his award-winning book, What They Don’t Teach Teens.
dollyDr. Dolly Klock
Dolly is a board-certified family medicine physician, mom of two teens and the founder of Adolessons. She has over 20 years experience helping families connect over tricky topics, and believes that the best preventive medicine is delivered via effective health education. Through Adolessons, Dr. Klock provides individual and group consultations for parents, teens and tweens, around a variety of topics germane to child and adolescent health: childhood sexual development, puberty, teen sexualtiy in the digital age, body image, mental health, vaping/substance use, and more.

detDetective Ubaldo Mendoza 
Detective with 26 years of Law Enforcement experience, Detective Mendoza takes a multi-disciplinary approach while working as a Youth Services Detective for the Beverly Hills Police Department. Detective Mendoza investigates all Child Sexual Abuse Material, Child Abuse and Child Neglect within the City of Beverly Hills. In addition, Detective Mendoza works closely with Stuart House RTC and LA County ESCARS unit.
Ali Norman-Franks
Ali has worked as a School Counselor at Beverly Hills High School for 18 years and is founder and supervisor of the BHHS NormanAid Wellness Center (NAWC), pioneering one of the nation’s first school-based wellness centers.  Ali oversees social emotional & mental health services, crisis management, and wellness education at BHHS.  Under her leadership, her counseling team offers services to the entire student body, parents and staff, averaging over 2000 individual counseling sessions every year. Through her robust MonthlyAid themed program, she has fostered a new culture of wellness at BHHS by raising awareness of the importance of mental health and empowering students to take care of themselves and their peers.