Hello!  I am one of the science and engineering teachers here at Beverly Hills High School.  I have been a teacher at Beverly Hills High since 2017.  I completed my education at Portland State University in Portland Oregon.  I majored in Organismal Biology (pre-med track), and obtained a Master's of Education with a dual endorsement for Biology and Special Education.  I have been teaching since 2009. 
This year I will be teaching Biology, Introduction to Engineering Design, and Robotics
  • Getting Started: Please read your syllabus. Make sure you have the supplies outlined on the syllabus. 
  • Skills for Success: Important habits like time management, self advocacy, and task prioritization, as well as tips for troubleshooting technology. 
  • Other Learning Opportunities: Additional engaging content about careers, ethics, and a variety of other topics.
  • Course Content: You will access the course content primarily via Google Classroom. 
  • Students Do Their Own Work. It may not always turn out like you expect or hope, but doing your own work is an important part of learning.
  • Work Space: Create an interruption-free space for you to focus on your school work. We have places on campus.  You should have a space at home as well. 
  • Be Prepared: Students should be up an hour before your first class and dressed.  Be sure you are arriving to you class at least 5 minutes before the bell and are in your seat, with you device logged on.  If you are on time, you are late.  You need to be early to be on time. 
  • Explore Your World: I Encourage you to explore your interests in the course content beyond what is provided in the course materials.  What is going on in the world that we learn about in class?
I can be reached at [email protected]