Welcome to my Web Site! 
I have been a teacher here at BHHS since 2007. I teach in the math department, and have loved growing with the school since I began. Students in my classroom can expect a non-typical classroom atmosphere. I have a personal need to understand WHY things are the way they are...it is just part of my personality. I can't help but teach that way too! I want my students to understand the WHY behind the mathematical or computer skills they are learning. 
My family and I moved here to California in 2007 from Georgia, where we lived for about 7 years. I have one daughter and two sons, Mariah, PJ and Thomas who are all BHHS graduates. I also have some big babies: Bella, my Rottweiler (her sister, Babs died in 2020 from bone cancer, so sad), Leo, my Pitsky (Husky-Pit Bull mix), and Journey, my Boxer. Take a few minutes to check out my photo album for some family pictures!
I have a wide variety of past experiences in teaching and education in general. I started my professional career as a computer programmer. After 5 years in the business world, I returned to college for two years to earn my teacher certification. I taught Computer Science and Mathematics at Muskego High School in Wisconsin for the next 5 years. Then I moved to Georgia where I spent time teaching High School Math, teaching Technology Staff Development classes to college faculty and staff, and also working as the Technology Coordinator at an elementary school in Gwinnett County Georgia.
All my experiences have brought me to appreciate teaching even more than ever before. I LOVE Teenagers! Honestly! I cannot see myself doing any other job for the rest of my life!

What I believe...
  • I believe ALL students have the capability to grasp mathematical concepts regardless of their previous experiences. If I have high expectations for all of my students, and I believe in their capabilities, then nothing is impossible.
  • Students, just like our children, will live up to whatever we expect of them. We must expect and accept only the BEST! We must be strict and consistent which DOES NOT always make them happy. The best lessons my parents ever taught me came from the moments that I was extremely UNHAPPY with them!
  • “Triumph” starts with “TRY” and ends with “UMPH” : always try and put some “UMPH” into it, and you can succeed.
  • DISCONTENT is the first NECESSITY to progress. I believe that when a student is confused and frustrated they are in the best state of mind for learning to occur.
  • I believe in a life-long attitude that there is always more to be learned. The more I learn...the more I realize how much there is that I DO NOT know! The smarter I get, the dumber I feel!! And that makes me continuously want to get smarter!!
  • Students who feel like they cannot succeed mathematically have been taught that at some point in their life. Humans are inherently mathematical beings, but many of us have learned NOT to be mathematical. We must undo that belief and get back to the thinking capabilities that we were born with!! It is a process, and this class is the first step to breaking down those false beliefs!!

Jennifer Goolsby