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My name is Kyle Kobe. I grew up in Shorewood, IL, which is a south Chicago suburb. I have been a science teacher since 1999 and have worked at Beverly Hills High School since 2004. Over the years I have also coached boys volleyball and boys lacrosse. After all these years, I can still say that I love my job and have high hopes and expectations for all my students.
On this website, you can find a variety of helpful tools such as:
Now that our district is transitioning away from JupiterGrades, students and parents can view grades using Schoology. Grades are typically updated around every two weeks. This is where you will also find student handouts to download. If you lose a handout or are absent from class, you can download and print the missing handout from home.
A few years ago I started to narrate my PowerPoint lectures and place them on YouTube. If you are ever absent when we take notes, you can easily catch up by watching the YouTube video. This is also a good way to do some review if you find a topic particularly difficult.
3) Class Calendar (scroll down)
If you scroll down, you will find links to the classes that I teach. On this website, I update activities performed each and every day during class. This way, if you are absent, you can go to the appropriate calendar and see what you missed. Being absent is NOT an excuse for neglecting school work. You are expected to complete makeup work. 
This resource was created by the publishers of our textbook. You can find many helpful study tools such as practice quizzes, concept maps, vocabulary flip cards, and review games. 
Do you want some extra guidance as you prepare for unit tests? These study guides can help guide your focus as you prepare for quizzes and tests. 
Ha Ha... so this is me being silly. As a kid, I was drawn to science fiction movies. It was my love of science fiction that lead me to study science and biology. If you're bored, here is a list of sci-fi films that have influenced me over the years.