Instructional Technology Coaches

We support the continual improvement of student performance by collaborating with teachers to facilitate the impactful integration of technology into teaching, learning, and assessment. We work closely with the school site administration to develop and conduct professional development sessions.

Further, we promote individual and group collaboration with a view to infuse technology into the core areas of academic curriculum, provide input/insight on ways to increase the use of technology to positively impact student performance, and create resources to meet the needs of students, faculty, staff, and other stakeholders.

We also work with small groups, departments, and individuals by request. Additionally, we offer 8-week cycles where we work one-on-one with teachers. These cycles follow a research-based 5 step model, outlined below.

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Our Guiding Principles

  • We believe that all students deserve equal and abundant access to technology and opportunities to use that technology in impactful ways. 

  • We believe that, within schools, teachers are the greatest asset to student achievement. To enrich student learning, we must empower teachers

  • We believe that technology alone cannot drive innovation. Teachers and school leaders are pivotal to driving school innovation through impactful technology use.

Learn about the 5 step coaching model

5 step coaching model infographic
  • The 5 step coaching model is a research-proven way to help teachers understand a specific classroom goal or challenge that can be tackled with technology-fueled strategies.

  • It is challenge-based so that it is personalized, goal orientated, efficient, collaborative, empowering, and engaging. 

  • The coaching model is a true partnership: when coaching is defined, understood, and implemented as a partnership among administrators, coaches, and teachers, it is more likely to be successful in creating change in teacher practice. 

  • The program provides structure and guidance for teachers while being flexible enough to help meet individual district and school goals.
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