Volunteer Opportunities and Community Service at BHHS

It is so easy to find wonderful ways to be involved in our community!  Below are links to websites that provide great information about organizations that typically permit teens to volunteer.  
Disclaimer: Please note that neither BHUSD nor BHHS endorses any organization or particular volunteer activity and that BHHS families need to conduct their own research to ensure that they are comfortable with their student being engaged in any organization, person, activity referenced by or contacted as a result of any information provided below or linked to any information provided below.  
Information changes constantly, so links below may be obsolete by the time you are using them, or information included may not be accurate.  Different organizations have different minimum ages for volunteering even if their descriptions indicate they welcome "teens."  That may mean 18 and older so take time to research before participating. Some sites require users to provide an email in order to review information, so BHHS families should monitor how they want their students to get information.  
FAQ Re Community Service
Q:  Does BHHS require Community Serivce?
A:  No. BHHS Students are not required to do Community Service.  It is not a graduation requirement. It is optional.
Q:  Does BHHS recognize students who do service, by noting it on their transcript or at graduation?
A: No. BHHS does not include service on student transcripts. 
Q: Does BHHS apply for the Presidential Volunteer Service Award for students who do service?
A:  Yes.  Each January students are invited to submit a form (forms will be available in the College and Career Center) indicating that they have completed a minimum of 100 service hours during the prior calendar year and BHHS will apply for a Presidential Volunteer Service Award for them. In the meantime students can track service on Naviance, in the Surveys section. Hours are calculated by the calendar year, not school year, per the PVSA program.
Q: Are there scholarships for engaging in Community Service?
A: Yes.  Students can search online to find programs where organizations give scholarships to students who contribute to their communities.  
Community Service in LA
This link has all kinds of community service opportunities, from one-week summer programs to weekly commitments during the school year. You can to work with animals, kids or elders; to deliver meals or health-care services to tutor or coach; to perform or help at schools and nursing facilities; or to work with political candidates or on public policy issues, among others. This site has filters that allow you to search by age. 

LA Youth

The newsletter has ideas about places to volunteer.  

L.A. Works  

This site provides information about volunteering as well as leadership opportunities in connection with volunteering. 

Red Tricycle  

This site has a wide range of referrals of volunteer opportunities, from family vacations centered around volunteering to individual events.