10th Grade College Planning

Class of 2025 College Calendar 
Download the calendar below for clickable links + to print and post somewhere at home! There's nothing better than checking off an item on the list! You GOT this! 
College Admission Testing
All sophomores will have access to a PSAT in the spring semester and the PSAT/NMSQT in fall of their junior year. 
Remember, grades, GPA, and your academic schedule is important!! 
Testing is ONE component of your college application. It can be an added value to showcase your academic strengths and potential for success in college. Your day in day out course work and effort in your classes are the biggest component of the academic review in an application. Not JUST your GPA, but how you've grown over time, consistency or growth in grades, adding honors/AP/advanced coursework in academic areas of strength, etc. Take the time to do well in classes. 
Sophomore families are encouraged to attend our college admission testing night in January to gain a better understanding of the testing process looking forward to a more concrete testing plan in junior year. Please visit our extensive college admission testing page for more information! 
PSAT for all sophomores 
March 1, 2023