Club Information

This list of clubs at BHHS will give you access to view the club list along with information on how to join.

Every club needs a constitution. We have a template available to help write a club constitution. We would prefer each club keep a digital constitution that can be used perennially. Any club that may raise, collect, or spend money needs to complete a budget as a financial plan. 

It is important to follow the proper process when planning any activity, especially one that involves money.

  1. Complete an Activity Request and Revenue Potential form along with a Purchase Order Request (available in the student store) if you plan to buy anything or get reimbursed for buying anything.

  2. Do NOT actually purchase anything until you have confirmation that your Purchase Order (PO) was approved (A PO looks like this)

  3. Submit a Check Request form (available in the student store, contact k[email protected]) for payments to be made or for reimbursements.

Long story short, if you want to spend money, MAKE SURE YOU GET A PO WITH PRIOR PERMISSION before buying anything. After that, keep receipts in order to get reimbursed after your event.

Contact your ASB class officers for assistance.