Beverly Hills High School

BHHS Track and PE Building
Beverly Hills High School Orchestra
Beverly Hills High School Orchestra
BHHS War Memorial
Drafting tables in BHHS architecture class
BHHS Footbal Field
BHHS Mural
BHHS Hallway display for Geometry
Go Normans Sign
BHHS Hallway display for Geometry
BHHS Swim gym
BHHS Go Normans Sign and Palm Tree
BHHS Swim Gym
BHHS PE and Swim Gym
BHHS Flag on lamp post

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world" - Mahatma Ghandi

BHHS Marching Band in a London Parade
Football Practice
Mural Home of the Normans
BHHS Culinary Arts window display
BHHS STC Building View through fall color trees
BHHS War Memorial
Beverly Hills High School Football Field
BHHS Front Door Way
Swim Gym floor closed ready for basketball game
Tennis Court
Swim Gym Floor closed with view of basketball court
Swim Gym Pool
BHHS Salter Theatre entrance
BHHS Swim Gym with pool open
BHHS Knights of Columbus 1939 bench
Swim Gym with floor closed ready for Basketball game to begin
Go Normans Sign
The Salter Family Theatre Sign
BHHS Football Score Board
BHHS Hallway display for Geometry
Mural at BHHS
Science and Technology Bldg.
Mural in Swim Gym
Beverly Hills High School Hallway Banner
BHHS Normans Flag
BHHS Ochestra
KBEV Production
BHHS Inside of Swim Gym view of pool and seats
BHHS Football Practice
BHHS Marching Band in a London Parade
CA Distinguished School Banner
BHHS Ticket Booth
Awards Board in Hallway of BHHS
BHHS basketball practice in the upper gym
Home of the Normans BHHS Mural
BHHS Football Practice
BHHS Front Lawn Sign
BHHS Knights of Columbus Bench
BHHS Mural
Sign at the front of Beverly Hills High School
Swim Gym with pool in view
Home of the Normans Mural
BHHS Clock Tower view
Swin Gym sign
BHHS Front of School
BHHS Hall of Fame - Photos of famous BHHS Graduates
BHHS Normans Flag and Lamp post
BHHS Sign on front lawn
BHHS View of Front Lawn looking east
BHHS Orchestra
KL Peters Auditorium
STC Building View
STC Building during fall color on trees
BHHS Marching Band in a London Parade
Beverly Hills High School Plaque Entrance
BHHS STC Building at night with lights on
Ceramics display
BHHS Banner of California Schools
Science and Technology Sign
Beverly Hills Water Polo logo
BHHS sign in front of school
Nat'l Blue Ribbon School of  Excellence & CA Distinguished School Murals
BHHS Hallway display for Geometry
STC Building
STC Building at night


BHHS Watchtower
Wall mural at Beverly Hills High School
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News and Announcements

The "Parent Survey for BH Schools" on Survey Monkey is NOT an official BHUSD survey! Feedback is encouraged by email at

Not an official BHUSD survey!

This morning a Parent Survey for BH Schools regarding the Reconfiguration Proposal was issued by a Parent and sent out to some members of the BHUSD community. This is NOT an official survey by BHUSD. Community members are encouraged to voice questions, concerns and feedback by email at Please access the official BHUSD Reconfiguration Information section on the website at for all official BHUSD information.

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