Keep the following information in mind as you apply to colleges and universities:
  • Request official transcripts to be sent to private colleges/universities when you submit your applications.
  • Order transcripts for the California State Universities and the University of California when you are directed to do so via email or postal mail.
  • Order Mid-Year transcripts to be sent to all colleges/universities you applied to after fall semester senior grades are posted.
  • Order a final transcript to be sent to the college or university you are attending after final senior grades are posted towards the end of June.
  • Order transcripts for NCAA Clearing House and scholarships upon request.

Approximate Dates

  • Early Action/Early Decision - Order transcripts by November
  • 1st Regular Decision - Order transcripts by the college/university deadline date
  • Mid-Year Transcripts - Order transcripts as soon as they are available in January 
  • Final Transcript - Order transcripts in June as soon as they are available

Placing your order

Parchment is our official supplier of transcripts. They deliver secure transcripts by mail or electronically.

You may wish to review the Parchment Support page on how to place an order before you begin. There are step by step instructions that are very helpful. The page also includes a how-to video and a downloadable PDF guide.

Be careful when entering your information and check it carefully. Any differences in name, birth date, graduation year, etc., will delay the delivery of your transcript.

If you have trouble while you are on the Parchment website and need help, click on the Support button at the bottom and select Contact Support.

Tips, tricks, and notes

  1. Use the Other Destinations tab to send an electronic transcript to an email address (for employers, scholarships, etc...).
  2. Some schools have a preferred delivery method saved into the Parchment system, so you may not be presented with a choice of delivery methods.
  3. Do not edit an address unless you are positive that the changes you are making are correct; you cannot correct an incorrect address once an order has been fulfilled.