Ali Norman-Franks, Wellness Counselor, Beverly Hills 

Mrs. Norman-Franks earned her Bachelor of Arts in Sociology at University of California San Diego and her Masters in Counseling Education at University Of San Diego.  Ali holds a credential in Pupil Personnel Services (PPS). Ali has worked as a School Counselor for over 15 years and currently serves as Beverly Hills High School Wellness Counselor.

Mrs. Norman-Franks founded the Beverly Hills High School's NormanAid Wellness Center (NAWC) which is one of the nation's first school based mental health centers. Ali also created Beverly Hills High Schools MonthlyAid Wellness Program which conducts monthly mental health campaigns to reduce the stigmas surrounding mental health concerns and to empower students to take care of themselves and their peers. 

Ali oversees the NAWC counseling services, wellness programs and crisis management. Students are able to meet with Mrs. Norman-Franks on a short-term basis to assess how to best support the student. Mrs. Norman-Franks makes referrals to the various counselors working at the NormanAid Wellness Center as well as to outside agencies.