Read-Wrt-Englsh (Section 3)

Course Description

Description of the English Learner Program
The BHHS English learner Program offers a well defined series of classes in Structured English Immersion which serve international students in their gradual process of language acquisition. The EL curriculum covers four levels of language proficiency: EL1,
EL2, EL3 and EL4 (Reading/Writing American English.) El classes meet for two periods daily to intensify the English Language Development. This curriculum emphasizes instructional objectives in speaking, reading, writing and listening and suggests a variety of strategies to achieve them. On the two higher levels, EL3 and EL4, the literature and writing assignments are closely related to the English department's offerings. English Learners are placed in these levels based on their scores from the State mandated CELDT. Each level corresponds to the 5 levels of the CELDT: Beginning (EL1), Early Intermediate (EL2), Intermediate (EL3), Early Advanced (EL4) and Advanced (Regular English). Students exit from level to level in each semester based on exit tests, grades, teacher recommendation and proficiency writing tests. While receiving the EL program, the students also receive the core curriculum. The EL teacher specialists possess the appropriate ELD authorization and SDAIE training necessary to render services to the English Learners. The Program emphasizes cultural awareness and respect for the many ethnicities represented in our multi-cultural school, promotes students' positive self-concepts and provides equal opportunity for academic achievement.