Beverly Hills High School

Congratulations to our newly elected Board of Education members Rachelle Marcus and Tristen Walker-Shuman!


Dear BHUSD Families,


We are excited to welcome our newly elected Board of Education members, Rachelle Marcus and Tristen Walker-Shuman, and look forward to working together to deliver the best educational opportunities for all BHUSD students.


Rachelle Marcus has been a resident in Beverly Hills since 1974 and has dedicated 50 years of her professional life to educating BHUSD students. She retired in 2013, but continued to substitute in the District in all subjects, and in 2016 and 2017 she returned as a part-time middle school math teacher.


Tristen Walker-Shuman is a 3rd generation resident of Beverly Hills, a graduate of Beverly Vista, Beverly Hills High School and Boston University. She is a mother of five children (four attending Beverly Hills schools). An entrepreneur with a proven track record of leadership in the district, she participated in the PTA for the last 10 years, served on the district’s Future Focused Schools Team and most recently served as co-chair the successful YES on Measure BH committee which has provided additional funding for the district’s infrastructure.


Thank you to Marvin Winans Jr., a dedicated parent leader and Beverly Vista PTA Vice-President for running a fantastic campaign and for his ongoing to commitment to shaping the future of BHUSD education.


Special thanks to Board President Lisa Korbatov, now finishing her ninth year on the board, and board member Howard Goldstein, now finishing his 5th year, and their unwavering dedication to delivering educational excellence in BHUSD.


Please review the role and responsibilities of the school board as outlined by the California School Boards Association, and join us in congratulating our newest Board members as they enter this unique and exciting transformational moment in BHUSD history. #BH1



Dr. Michael Bregy

Superintendent of Schools

Beverly Hills Unified School District