Beverly Hills High School

Superintendent Bregy Announces New Director of School Safety at BHUSD

Dear BHUSD Families,
Our school district is working to immediately address the issue of school safety and security on each of our campuses. There is currently no higher priority than to ensure that our facilities, policies and practices are completely addressing the needs of our students and community. For this reason, BHUSD Director of Student Services/Interim Beverly Vista Assistant Principal Chris Hertz will be assuming the new role of BHUSD Director of School Safety, effective immediately.
In his current role with the district, Mr. Hertz already serves as the law enforcement and fire department liaison with the City, overseeing our school safety plans, staff trainings, and school emergency drills. In his new role, these duties are expanding to also include direct oversight of the physical and procedural safety measures in place at each of our schools to ensure the highest standards are being met.
Todd Radonsky, Beverly Vista Physical Education Instructor and Administrator Designee, will be taking over the role of Temporary Interim Assistant Principal from Mr. Hertz at BV. Mr. Radonsky began his educational career at Beverly Vista in 1997, and has earned a Master of Science in Educational Administration. We are so fortunate to have experienced educators and established leaders like Mr. Radonsky and Mr. Hertz serving our district at this important time.
Achieving the highest level of safety and excellence in our schools would not be possible without you. The valuable insight and involvement from our students, parents, teachers and community remains at the heart of the work we do each day to make BHUSD the best it can be.
Thank you,

Dr. Michael Bregy