Beverly Hills High School

Beverly Hills High School Modernization - Video Tour

Design Achievement – Beverly Hills High School is a beloved civic landmark, steeped in tradition. It stands proud above the expansive Graduation Lawn, a park-like setting where graduations have been celebrated as a community event since 1928. Over time, the campus developed into a hodge-podge of buildings that no longer facilitate education. Today, the campus plan puts the automobile before students. The new Beverly Hills High School will have a collegiate, cohesive architectural character surrounded by a welcoming, pedestrian oriented atmosphere. DLR Group's design for the modernization of Beverly Hills High School respects the past by maintaining the original 1928 historic building and lawn while shaping the future with next generation academic and athletic facilities. New educational specifications will guide the development of innovative, 21st Century learning environments, focused on learning villages and flexible common space. Heath Avenue, an asphalt thoroughfare bisecting the campus, will be replaced by a beautiful pedestrian plaza with Norman Walk as the heart of a new campus. A new campus front door will be created, and access will be improved to all public use facilities for after-hours events.
Scope Summary – The new 510,000 square foot Beverly Hills High School will be a combination of modernized existing buildings as well as new construction designed to harmonize with the original 1928 building. The Swim Gym made famous in the movie It's a Wonderful Life will be restored. When completed, nearly the entire 24 acre site will be redeveloped to maximize usable area for regulation size athletic fields. New underground parking facilities will we used to support a pedestrian-focused campus. The facility program includes three theaters, a TV studio, a robotics lab, an art gallery and welcome center, a planetarium, new gymnasiums and athletic fields, and an Olympic-size aquatics facility. DLR Group is providing master planning, architecture, and interior design services.