Beverly Hills High School

BHHS Food Services Update

Please have your ID card ready or your 7‐Digit ID number memorized for faster service.


Cart Locations
      STC building, 2nd Floor, and near the Weight Room
Items for sale        Breakfast burritos: $2.50; Pizza bagels: $2.00; Toasted butter bagels: $0.50; Drinks and snacks: $1.00.

I have a student account. Where can I buy food at nutrition? STC
Beginning January 6, the 2nd Floor Cart will begin to use student accounts in place of cash.


Branded Foods ‐ $3.50 ‐ $7.00
Locations     Food Cart: Front Lawn Corner Room: Outside Cafeteria, 3rd Floor

Daily Specials

  • Mon - Nagila Cheese Pizza: $3.50/slice; Jersey Mike’s Mini Sub: $5.00
  • Tues - Fresh Bros Individual Pizza: $4.50; Jersey Mike’s Mini Sub: $5.00; Nagila ½ Falafel Wrap: $7.00
  • Wed - Nagila Cheese Pizza: $3.50/slice; Pick Up Stix House Chicken Bowl: $4.00
  • Thur - Nagila Cheese Pizza: $3.50/slice; Jersey Mike’s Mini Sub: $5.00
  • Fri - Fresh Bros Individual Pizza: $4.50; El Pollo Loco BRC Burrito: $3.50; Nagila ½ Shawarma Wrap: $7.00
Beginning Monday, December 9, student accounts can be used at the front lawn cart to pay for food. Have your ID card ready or your 7‐Digit ID number memorized for faster service.

Meal Deals ‐ $6.00
Location     CAFETERIA
What a Meal Includes     milk or water, fruits & veggies, and a cookie or Goldfish crackers

Meal Options
     Up to 5 different meal options daily!
  • Mexican Food Bar -  Customize your own burrito, nachos, or bare burrito choosing from a variety of toppings.
  • From the Grill - Mon/Wed/Fri: Hamburgers and Cheeseburgers; Tues/Thur: All Beef Hot Dogs
  • Vegetarian Pasta - Mon: Mac & Cheese; Tues: Cheese Ravioli; Wed: Spaghetti Thur: Spinach Tortellini;  Fri: Cheese Manicotti
  • Chicken - Orange Chicken bowls with noodles, rice, and veggies
  • Pizza - Cheese Pizza (beginning Monday, December 16)

How do I Access My STUDENT ACCOUNT?     MyPaymentsPlus
Go to or download the app to check your account balance, add money online, or view your transaction history.