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  • XC 3:43 BHHS XC 2022-23

    Uploaded Nov 19, 2022 by Ali Norman-Franks
  • Unite for Zoe 11.14.22 1:20 Unite for Zoe 11.14.22 - BHHS Girls Varsity Soccer Scrimmage

    On October 13th, 2022, Zoe Suder (10th Grade BHHS Girls Varsity Soccer Athlete) was seen for what everyone thought was a sports-related injury. From rehabbing a hip and knee in Physical Therapy, to bone tumor, sarcoma, and chemotherapy. Her cancer is aggressive and requires an equally aggressive treatment plan. Our goal is to help alleviate the financial burden that ensues so that Zoe’s family can focus solely on her treatment while navigating through this difficult time. With your generous donations, we are certain that Zoe's 'never give up' attitude will carry her through this fight, along with the support from her twin sister Zanny, her family, and friends, both near and far.

    Uploaded Nov 14, 2022 by Ali Norman-Franks
  • Reality Party 2022 17:21 Reality Party - October 23, 2022

    Parents often assume that teen parties are still the same as when they were young. BHHS parents were in invited to a "REALITY PARTY on Sunday, October 23, 2022".

    By attending our BHHS Reality Party, parents face the current realities of today’s “out of control” teen parties – competitive drinking games, fights, random hookups, drug usage and even sexual assaults.

    Parents tour a staged home for a "teen party" in Beverly Hills. Student-actors from Beverly Hills High School will be portraying common party activities in the unpredictable 2022 social scene. Tours were every half hour from 2:00pm through 5:30pm. After each 30 minute tour, you’ll have the opportunity to engage with a panel of experts during a productive 30 minute Q&A.

    Parents received tools on how to communicate with their teens and discovered new ways to help safely guide their young adults in the Beverly social scene. Research has proven that teens with whom parents communicated with about drugs/alcohol and partying safely, tend to make safer choices and are less likely to participate in risky behaviors.

    An eye-opening experience exclusively for BHHS Parents 9-12th grades only (no students).

    Uploaded Oct 25, 2022 by Ali Norman-Franks
  • Mental Health Tuesday 3:31 Norman Connection - Mental Health Tuesday 8.17.21

    We celebrate mental health by hosting all our events on Tuesdays (Norman Connection, Podcast, Peer Group, Discussions, PE lessons).

    Every Tuesday throughout the school year we will help you learn positive, life long habits that contribute to your well-being and success. We are excited to have the opportunity to connect with you every Tuesday during "Norman Connection".

    Each week we will visit your PE class to provide Mental Health Tuesday lessons about the MonthlyAid themes and learn about the physical, mental, and emotional well-being and the mind and body connection.

    On the 2nd Tuesday of every month we will have a fun lunch activity to launch our monthly campaign and to remind you to take care of your mental health.

    Uploaded Aug 17, 2021 by Ali Norman-Franks
  • ParentEd Night 1:27:54 ParentEd Night 4.21.21 "Building Healthy Teen Relationships - Starts With Us"

    In partnership with PTA Council, BHHS PTSA and BV PTA, NormanAid Wellness Center produced a special seminar for BHUSD 5th - 12th grade parents to help navigate difficult conversations and educate caregivers on the changing landscape on human identity, expression, expectations and digital variables that were unknown to their generation.


    Featuring three relationship experts, this live seminar gives parents the tools to build a strong and healthy relationship with their child where no topic is off-limits and they can come to us with any questions.

    Parents play an important role in teaching their teens about healthy relationships by providing guidance and support, engaging in ongoing conversations, and by modeling them in their own relationships.

    Topics include teen identity, boundaries, consent and dating violence.

    Uploaded Apr 22, 2021 by Ali Norman-Franks
  • What "The Sex Talk" Looks Like Now - Alternatino

    Uploaded Apr 21, 2021 by Ali Norman-Franks

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