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World History Online Activities

Classroom Expectations Quiz
Judeo-Christian & Greco-Romans influences on Western Political Thought (Greco-Roman & Judeo-Christian Influences)
 Scientific Revolution    Online group activity

Enlightenment Principles & Influence (review of entire chapter)
The French Revolution (First phase of French Revolution)
The Industrial Revolution (Chapter 9 Review - McDougal-Littel) (review of major historical figures and inventors) (multiple choice review of entire chapter)
Communism & Socialism
Imperialism (Africa, China & India) (review of chapter 8: sections 1 + 2 PH) (review of chapter 8: section 5 on China PH)
China (Reviews chapter 17: section 2 ML)


World War I
Rise of Totalitarian Governments: The Interwar Years 1919 - 1939

World War II

The Cold War

Arab-Israeli Conflict    Primary Source Material

Vietnam and Korea Interactive geography quizzes for every part of the world
(the above site contains summaries of every period in ancient, world and modern history with a variety of online assessments to test your knowledge)

New York Times History Crossword Puzzles