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Class Expectations Sample Quiz

The American Revolution
USH Review chap 1:sec 4 and chap 2: sec 1 in McDougal Littel textbook
Review of Chap 2: Section 4 (pp. 54-61) in HOLT textbook
Review of Chap 2: Section 5 (pp. 64-68) in HOLT textbook
American Revolution Vocabulary Hangman Game
The Boston Tea Party and the Start of the Revolution
American Revolution "Is this your final offer" game.
American Revolution Jeopardy
Chronology of events leading up the American Revolution from Houghton Mifflin
Interactive quiz
Battle of Saratoga

Articles of Confederation
Interactive pop up quiz based on Houghton Mifflin textbook
Interactive game for Houghton Mifflin text
Constitutional Convention
Interactive game
Interactive quiz
Online US Constitution Quizzes and Tests
Explanation of the Constitution for students grade 4-8
Interactive matching, concentration, word games for Overview of the Constitution lesson
Interactive vocabulary review for Article I: Sections 1-5 - Hangman format
Interactive review game on Article II: The Executive Branch
Interactive review of Article III: The Judicial Branch
Interactive review game of the history of the amendments
Interactive games (matching, concentration, word search and flashcards) of Constitution Vocabulary
Click on either Self Check Quizzes or Interactive Tutor then click on Chap 7
Contains historical list of amendments proposed but never ratified. Very interesting
Everything you wanted to know about the electoral college --- dorms and all!
Launching The New Nation: Chapter 6
Interactive online hangman activity
Interactive multiple choice practice quiz
Interactive "millionaire" activity
Click on either Self Check Quizzes or Interactive Tutor then click on Chap 8
Online Scavenger Hunt
Interactive Quiz
Interactive Quiz
Whiskey Rebellion
Jacksonian Democracy
Interactive "millionaire format" interactive game
interactive matching, concentration & flashcard games
Manifest Destiny
Very cool animated history of Manifest Destiny/Western expansionism. Play Pt 1
Interactive Jeopardy review of Westward Expansion/Manifest Destiny
Women's Suffrage Movement
Excellent article on Alice Paul & women's movement

Industrial Revolution
Click on Interactive Tutor or Self Check Quizzes then click on chapter 10
The South
Hangman review of Antebellum South
Review of Slavery, Rebellions and Anti-Slavery Movement
Causes of the Civil War
Very cool & brief animated visual of events leading up to the Civil War
Civil War review
Challenging Chronology Activity
The Civil War
Very cool & brief visual of events leading up to and during the Civil War
Progressive Era  Review of Chap 8: Sections 1+2 (Matching review of people & causes) (Jeopardy review of all of chapter 8)
Progressive Presidents - Theodore Roosevelt, Taft, Woodrow Wilson 
US Imperialism
The Roaring Twenties
World War I
The Great Depression, FDR & the New Deal (includes political cartoons, music and much more from the 1930s)
World War II
The Civil Rights Movement
The Vietnam War

Interactive US Geography Web sites  Interactive geography quizzes for the entire world.
US geography interactive game

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many games
New York Times American History Interactive Crossword Puzzles