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AP US History Summer Readings and Assignments

UNIT I: Required Summer Readings 2020-2021:  All require notes and a healthy understanding of content.  Digital copies provided here & above.
  • Four required readings over the summer.  All posted below 1-4 and due Aug 17-18. Take notes and master content, big overall themes not minutia. However, always be able to support your answers and discussions with evidence, facts.
1.  Required Reading American Pageant, textbook, chapters 1-2. Take notes. (pp. 4-39) 
2.  Required Reading The Labor Problem at Jamestown 1607-1618 and; Take notes
3. Required Reading Online Chapters 1-2: - A Peoples History of the United States by Howard Zinn, take notes at
4.  Required Reading The Indians' New World Experience: The Catawba Experience, James H. Merrell,  Take notes.
Required Assignments
 5.  Required assignment. Complete Study Guide Questions (SGQs) for chap 1 due Mon, Aug 17. SGQs require complete topic sentence, correct grammar and should demonstrate critical thinking skills where applicable. Such skills include analysis, evidence, context and a reasonable effort.  One word answers do not earn credit.
6.  Requirement assignment: Complete SGQs for chap 2 due Tues, Aug 18
UNIT I TEST on Friday, August 21.  Unit I is only worth 5% of overall AP test
OPTIONAL The following are optional and encouraged but NOT required
  • Review and think about Essential Questions posted above.  Essential questions should be regularly examined because they are the core of the class.  Essential, broad based questions are what the Document Based Question (DBQ), Long Essay Question (LEQ) and SAQs are all about and which comprise about 60% of the AP College Board test administered in May. TIP: Be aware of evidence to support viewpoints.  You will not get credit just for voicing your matter how loud. 
  • Kennedy-Cohen (KC) Packets included for every unit on Website
  • View the Disney movie Pocahontas.  WHY? Contrast idealized version presented by Disney and taught to most American children with Howard Zinn's and our textbook perspectives.  Very worthwhile when watched to contrast myth from reality.