Beverly ASB's objective is total support for the entire student body.  Each member's purpose is to engage the Beverly Hills High School community, know its needs, create exciting events, and make every student's high school experience as rewarding as possible.  
Do you want to start a new club?
Do you have ideas for events?
Do you need help fundraising or spending money from student accounts?
Please contact any of the following members for assistance. We are here to support you. Email asb@bhusd.com if you have any questions or concerns! 
Beverly Hills High School ASB has an Instagram account, so follow "@asbbhhs" for updates and information.



Vice President



Board Rep

Head Row

Nahal Sarafian

Brigitte Meshkani

Aidan Dayani

Kevin Manavi

Yoni Kashanian

  President Vice President Treasurer Student Rep
Senior Row Michael Newman Kaayla Nehmadi Jacquelyn Bakshian Celeste Emein
Junior Row Kevin Masjedian Eli Ramer Daniel Burns Ella Revivo
Sophomore Row
Ashley Jourabchi Alix Bodden Fengying Wang  
Freshmen Row        

Commissioners - ASB Department Chair Persons

CASC & PTSA Liason: Eli Ramer

Clubs:  Ellie Nooripour

Freshman Commissioners: Leila Abrishami, Gianna Ahn, LaResa Gopurala & Ashton Samidi 

Historian:  Yasmin Essakhar

Marketing & Fundraising: Om Gopurala

Sports & Spirit: Mimi Kessler & Johnny Esrael

Student/Staff Relations: Simone Mehdizadeh & Ella Revivo

Student Health & Wellness: Victoria Hirsh

Visual Arts: Fiona Wang

ASB class/meeting minutes are public record