Course Selection 2023 School Year BHHS

Dear Normans! 
Still need to approve your course requests for next year? 
There are two separate emails you are looking for:  1) course request letter 2) approval form.  Please check your inbox for both.  
(Unfortunately, the constraints of the communication platform necessitated these items be sent separately)  Apologies for the confusion!
  1. The course request letter came to you as a secure doc because it is specific to your students currently in grades 8-11.
  2. The approval form went out in another email to the community as a whole.  When you sign in to Parent Square, the approval gets submitted for your students specifically. 
Follow the steps below to locate your student's course request letter.  
The approval form expired on May 6th, so we've re-oopend access until Monday May 16.

Hope this helps!