About NormanAid

About NormanAid
NormanAid Wellness Center Mission:
Beverly Hills High School is committed to serving a diverse student body by providing counseling, conflict mediation, crisis management and wellness programs that facilitate students' academic and life goals.
NormanAid Wellness Center:
Founded by Ali Norman-Franks on the campus of Beverly Hills High School, NormanAid is a student support and wellness center offering counseling services, crisis intervention and management, conflict mediation, mental health education, peer counseling, among other services to promote the well-being of BHHS students. 
Counseling Services:
The NormanAid Counseling Team works in partnership with The Maple Center Counselors, Pupil Personnel Service (PPS) interns from USC and LMU, and Peer Counselors Program. Services are confidential. 


The NormanAid Wellness Team provides ongoing weekly, short-term, and group counseling. Appointments are available (Monday - Friday) on campus 8:00am - 3:00pm or virtually from 8:00am - 6:00pm.  In order to receive ongoing services during school class time, BHHS students need to obtain permission from their teachers.  

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