Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
1. Where can I find information about the school´s calendar?
The calendar of events is listed on our website under "UPCOMING EVENTS" click on "See Calendar". You can also find the school calendar on the district website under "CURRENT EVENTS".
2. What is the school´s bell schedule? 
Please visit the following page to download a copy of the bell schedule: BHHS Bell Schedule.
3. What is CSF? Can anyone become a member? What is the benefit of membership?
Beverly Hills High School´s highest scholarship recognition is California Scholarship Federation. CSF is a unique statewide organization established in 1921, whose purpose is the promotion of interest and pride in high school standards of scholarship. 
Individual membership is in the local chapter (BHHS) and is based on grades earned each semester. A point system specified in the State CSF constitution establishes the membership requirements, which essentially require that students do very superior work primarily in academic subjects. Membership is neither automatic nor compulsory. The student must apply for membership during the first few weeks of a given semester. Membership is for one semester only, but may be renewed for another semester whenever the student again meets the requirements. There is a membership fee. A student who is a member of CSF for four out of six semesters in Grades 10, 11, 12, including one semester of the senior year, is designated a Sealbearer. This entitles the student to a gold seal gold to wear at graduation and a gold seal on the diploma.
4. If students participate in a sport do they need to buy PE clothes?
No. However students on teams are responsible for maintaining the uniforms that they are issued. 
5. What does "sports conditioning" consist of when a student is "out of season" for his sport?
It's a conditioning program, built around a weight training program and a cardio-vascular program. The class is designed to help you to get into shape or in some cases maintain your fitness. It is much more difficult than a regular physical education class.
6. How can we receive a schedule of games or meets for sports in which our students take part?
The schedules are posted on our website under "Athletics".
7. Who is my student's counselor? How are houses and counselors assigned? Students are generally assigned to Houses and Counselors by alphabetical order.


Student Last Names                                   Contact Information

Ms. Kathleen Blanco       A-Che      Room 216                         Ext: 8318

Ms. Sara Hulsey             Cho-G      Room 216                         Ext: 8346

Ms. Janice Hart              G-Kim      Room 216                             Ext: 8380

Mr. Greg Jackson           Kl-O         Room 216                       Ext: 8348

Ms. Hanna Zylberberg    P-S          Room 288                   Ext: 8351

Ms. Kristi Bond              T-Z          Room 288                           Ext: 8358


AP of Student Services (APSS):  Dr. Jill Hunt     Room 288        Ext: 8350

AP of Instruction (API):  Ms. L. Kim Decatrel     Room 216    Ext: 8340

AP of Operations (APO):  Mr. Drew Stewart        Main Office    Ext: 8310


Andre Law                 (A-G)            Main Office                           Ext: 8310

Michelle Buckley        (H-O)            Room 216                      Ext: 8340

Amy Price                  (P-Z)            Room 288                          Ext: 8352


College Counselor:  Ms. Casey Rowley                                 Ext: 8290

Coordinator of CTE:  Ms. Cindy Dubin                                    Ext: 8292

College & Career Assistant:  Ms. Michelle Redston                  Ext: 8304


Intervention Counselor:  Ms. Ali Norman-Franks                  Ext: 8717


Dr. Everlyn Hunter                Room 218 J                             Ext. 7913

Ms. Raquel Carungcong         Room 218 I                             Ext: 8217


District Director of Athletics/JPA:  Mr. Tim Ellis                      Ext: 8608

Athletic Assistant:  Ms. Laura Mendoza                             Ext: 8680

ATTENDANCE OFFICE: Room 292      (310) 551-5125

Ms. Iris Aviram                                                    

Ms. Sogol Simany                                                

For a complete list of faculty and staff please check our website at

8. I am looking for a particular teacher, staff member, or administrator. Is there a faculty/staff directory?
Yes. The Faculty/Staff Directory is posted on the website under “Contact Us”.
9. Who do I see if my student's schedule is incorrect or needs changing?
Your student´s counselor will assist with all student scheduling needs, please have the student email their counselor to set-up a meeting.
10. Is there a course catalog? Who will help my student choose the best curriculum for his/her needs?
Yes, the course catalog is found in the “Norman Guide”. This is available from the BHHS home page under “Norman Guide”. Counselors will meet with their students annually to discuss curricular choices.
11. How can a student and his parents stay on top of a student's progress in all of their classes?
The best way for a parent to stay on top of a student´s progress is by contacting teachers through Aeries and Aeries communication, email, and/or progress reports.
12. How can I receive regular updates on important school events, exams, meetings, and current issues from BHHS? Can I sign up to receive a regularly published newsletter or newspaper? Can parents and/or students sign up for an e-mail list serve?
Check the bulletin on the BHHS website under "UPCOMING EVENTS" click on "See Calendar" click on "Beverly Buzz". You can also find the school calendar on the district website under "CURRENT EVENTS". , updated every Monday and Thursday; or
Contact PTSA to be placed on their email list.
13. What is the correct procedure to get a student excused from class for a doctor's appointment?
The parent is to call the morning of the doctor´s appointment and advise the attendance office as to the time the student is to leave. The attendance office will then advise the parent that a doctor´s note will be required when student returns to campus, and that the absence is not excused until the doctor´s note is received. The student then comes in to pick up their permit to leave campus.
14. Does the school call the parent to verify notes for appointments?
15. Are DMV appointments excused absences?
No, DMV appointments are UNEXCUSED.
16. Can students leave campus for lunch?
17. If my student rides his/her bike to school is there a place to lock it up? Can the bike be locked anywhere?
Students can lock their bicycles at the bike rack in front of the Tennis Courts, to the right of the Swim Gym. This is the only location on campus where bicycles can be locked. Bicycles cannot be locked anywhere else on campus, including gates, handrails of stairwells, doorways, nor stored in teacher’s classrooms.
18. What is the school's drug policy?
The drug policy is part of the Student Responsibility Contract, available on the website under “Parents” then “Policies”.