New Student Enrollment Information

BHHS New Family Enrollment and Residency Procedures

2021– 2022 enrollment starts Monday, February 22, 2021.


For enrollment questions, please see information below. 

Welcome, New Families

Welcome, new Beverly Hills High School Families. We have an outstanding tradition of excellence in education, and we warmly welcome you and your children to BHHS. Below are instructions on how to confirm your residency within the boundaries of BHUSD and how to enroll your children in school. (This procedure is only for families that are new to Beverly Hills Unified School District. Families of children matriculating from our Middle School will use the "Returning Family" procedures.)

How to Enroll

In order to enroll your student in the Beverly Hills Unified School District and BHHS, please click on the button below, "Click here for the District's New Student Enrollment Section." There you will read about our residency requirements.

Next select the hyperlink called "New Student Aeries Parent Portal." Review the documents. Please read, complete, print (no double-sided copies), and sign the appropriate documents that apply to you and your student. (Some documents require a medical doctor’s signature.) In addition, in order for BHHS to accept the enrollment/registration of your student, you must bring in all required documents listed on the BHUSD website to establish your residence within the district boundaries.

Having issues updating the registration portal?

Contact: Maria Fernandez-Elvira

District Office - Special Services

310-551-5100, Ext. 2251


Enrollment for new to district students

Please use the alphabetical guide below to determine which Office Assistant at Beverly Hills High School to contact after you complete your student's online enrollment.


The online enrollment link is:


Please remember any address changes: If you have changed your residential address, which could result in returned mail, please email the Office Assistant immediately.


Michelle Buckley 310-551-5100, Ext. 8340,
(by student’s last name)
9th - 10th grade - E-J

9th - 10th grade - K-Moo
9th - 10th grade - Mop-Sh

11th grade - Cho-G

11th grade - H-Lee and Rom-Ros
11th grade - Lef-O and Ru-Spin

12th grade - Cho-G and Ros-Shao

12th grade - H-Lee and Shap- Sil
12th grade - Lef-O

Amy Price 310-551-5100, Ext. 8352,
(by student’s last name)
9th - 10th grade - A-D

9th - 10th grade - Si-Z
11th grade - A-Chi and Pa-Rol

11th grade - Spio-Z

12th grade - A-Chi and Pa-Rn
12th grade - Sj- Smi-Z


BHHS Norman Guide - Student and Parent Handbook

Required - both parent and student need to read the BHHS Norman Guide - Student and Parent Handbook, which includes important information on School and District Policies, Student Attendance, Discipline, and Responsibilities. Please remember, you will need to indicate in the “New Student Online Registration Portal” that “YES” you have reviewed the handbook with your student.