After School Events

(*NEW TIME) Wednesday, April 28th at 4:30 pm - LGBTQIA+ Wellness & SexEd Webinar



*Please email Mrs. Norman-Franks if you have any problems accessing the webinar.


Join GSA and NormanAid on Wednesday, April 28th at 4:30 pm for a very special webinar centered around LGBTQIA+ sexual health and wellness. Our guest, Mia Lewis from Children's Hospital Los Angeles, will cover topics such as the spectrum of LGBTQIA+ identities, consent and healthy relationships, HIV facts and myths, and more!

This webinar will be completely anonymous for participants and a safe space to ask questions and learn more about the spectrum of gender and sexuality. When you join the webinar we will not see you or your name. Participants will only see the speakers. Questions will be asked privately and anonymously.
After the webinar we will add notes and resources to this page. If you are not able to attend, please revisit this page and we will fill you in. :)
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