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Your mental health and wellness is vital to your success at Beverly.  The NormanAid Wellness Center and my team is here to support YOU throughout your high school journey.

Beginning high school or returning after summer vacation can be both exciting and daunting. Now, during this pandemic era, on top of our typical worries about classes, grades and friends, we are all experiencing a whole new set of anxieties.  You are not alone.

NormanAid provides you with free and confidential COUNSELING, useful tools on our website in the GET SUPPORT section, and EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS to help you achieve wellness and reach your goals.  

Every Tuesday, we celebrate wellness through our MonthlyAid, Mental Health Tuesdays, & podcast programWe will visit your PE classes on Mondays & Tuesdays to explore the physical, mental, and emotional well-being and the mind and body connection.  You’ll have the opportunity to watch our podcast, learn mindfulness skills, participate in activities led by Peer Counselors, and learn from inspirational speakers. 

August is “Norman Well Lived” month. 


This month we have been exploring what the BHHS motto means and how to make it a way of life.  By focusing on mental and emotional health, you can achieve personal and academic aspirations and make every tomorrow a vision of hope.

A successful and happy Norman lives by our Beverly Hills High School motto:

“Each to-day well lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope.”

What is a “Norman Well Lived” to you?

Make our BHHS motto your way of life!



Click here to watch Spencer Paysinger, BHHS alum, NFL Super Bowl Champion & Executive Producer of the hit Netflix series “All American” tell us what a “Norman Well Lived” means to him in our NEW podcast program:  “Make Today Well Lived - the podcast”!

TWL Spencer

And follow our instagram to see what some of your peers have to say about what it means to them.


Tips to make each day at BHHS well-lived:

  • Take advantage of available resources
  • Read the Beverly Buzz every Wednesday
  • Connect with peers, teachers, and staff
  • Practice self-care and find your own de-stress routine
  • Make friends with people different than you
  • Take risks and try new things
  • Learn about the BHHS Motto
  • Learn and follow the BHHS PBIS core values
  • Be an upstander and talk to a trusted staff member if you feel a student is being mistreated
  • Use Normanonymous if you want to make a report but want to remain anonymous
  • Talk to NormanAid Counselor, a trusted friend or a staff member when your day isn't going well or doesn't feel well lived


Tips to make every yesterday a dream of happiness:

  • Choose your close friends wisely
  • Make healthy choices and decisions
  • Avoid gossiping 
  • Learn to advocate and speak up for yourself
  • Don't change yourself into someone else
  • Don't hang out with people who bring you down
  • Recognize peer pressure and practice standing your ground
  • Learn how to strengthen your mind and mental health 
  • Know what secrets to keep and what secrets not to keep
  • Utilize BHHS crisis resources if someone you know is in crisis
  • Reflect:  What went well? What did you learn? Who do you want to become?


Visit the NormanAid Wellness Center!  The NormanAid Wellness Team is available to help you to reach your full potential as a Norman Well Lived. By focusing on your mental and emotional health you can achieve your personal and academic aspirations and make every tomorrow a vision of hope.


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