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CTE Culinary Arts Program

COURSES:  Introductory and Advanced Culinary Arts

Beyond the Classroom....Highlights of our Culinary Arts Program:

  • Lunch Delivery - Culinary students started a faculty custom lunch delivery service which is now enormously popular, delivering food right to our teachers' desks 1-3 times per week.
  • Bread and Cookie Business - Culinary students are working with our Business students to found a bread business. They are making homemade bread and cookies, and obtaining donations from local businesses and individuals in connection therewith.  Students will have the bread available at the Beverly HIlls Farmers Markets from time to time. The proceeds of the donations help fund student competition expenses.
  • Cook with Me - Culinary students are working on short filmed online segments featuring a student demonstrating a recipe.  Segments of Cook with Me, which will be filmed at local restaurants and hotels around Beverly Hills.  
  • Skills USA - Culinary students compete every year at regional and state cooking and baking competitions.