The Beverly Hills High School Instrumental Music department combines a breadth of music ensembles with a high level curriculum to provide each student with a comprehensive music education experience.
Both band and orchestra ensembles are available to students entering BHHS with 2-3 years experience on a woodwind, brass wind, percussion, or string instrument.
Ensembles include:
Concert Band & Concert Orchestra - our non-audition ensembles for all musicians
Symphonic Band and Chamber Orchestra - for advancing students with capable skills and the ability to perform  upper level repertoire - students must AUDITION and demonstrate musical competence for the higher level repertoire
Drum Line - non-competitive; performance on marching snare, tenor, & bass drums as well as cymbals
Jazz Band - Open to students playing saxophone, trumpet, trombone, tuba, and rhythm section instruments (piano, bass, guitar, & drum set).  Ensemble meets 2hrs/week after school

Graduates of the BHHS music program have won Oscars, Emmys, Grammys, and more.

The music program serves the city and school communities more than any other district program, and is in great demand from most of the major community organizations. The repertoire and performance opportunities are rich and varied.

Each semester, all ensembles are involved in major campus concerts, but there are dozens of other performances each year, from halftime shows and assemblies, to charity dinners and television appearances, to music festivals and parades.