Beverly Hills High School

ASB Card

The ASB Card is not only an amazing way to support Athletics, ASB and other School programs, but it can also get you a lot of cool discounts. Just show them the "ASB" on your student ID. Each ASB card is valid for the year it was purchased. It is suggested that Athletics and ASB students purchase one. The ASB card helps sponsor ASB events, student programs and pay for equipment.
Here is the list of BH Community Discounts for the 2016-17 school year:
Aharon Coffee  5%
Upper Crust Pizza  10% before 4:30 Monday - Friday
Volcano Tea House  20%
Comancy Coffee  10%
Dylan's Candy Bar  15%
Mulberry Beverly Drive - Free drink
Fresh Brothers - Free fountain drink
Creamistry  15%
NeighborHOOD 10%
Mrs. Beasley Bakery  20%
Popular  15%
Jersey Mike's  10%
Brooklyn Bagels  5%
California Pita  10%
FroyoLife  10%
Toppings  10%
LA Dance Fit  $10 off
Dr. Sandwich  10%
Pressed Juicery  15%
Coral Tree Cafe BH  10%
Backyard Bowls  10%