Beverly Hills High School


 Beverly ASB's objective is total support for the entire student body.  Each member's purpose is to engage the Beverly Hills High School community, know its needs, create exciting events, and make every student's high school experience as rewarding as possible.  
Do you want to start a new club?
Do you have ideas for events?
Do you need help fundraising or spending money from student accounts?
Please contact any of the following members for assistance.  We are here to support you.
Each Grade level (except Freshman) has a Facebook page for posting notices and sharing information with the class.
Please join your "Beverly Hills High School Class Of 20xx" page 
Beverly Hills High School ASB also has a Snapchat account, so add "beverlyasb" as a friend to follow ASB posts



Vice President



Board Rep

Head Row

Maia Yosef

Ryan Abrishami

Camilla Wolff

Audrey Labib

Jonathan Artal




 Class Rep

Class Rep

Senior Row

Jackson Stewart

Brian Harward

Tony Shim

Daniel Zahabian

Oliver Bral

Junior Row

Wesley Wu

Sean Toobi

Cameron Weisfeld

Seth Pizzurro

Adriel Ghadoushi

Sophomore Row

Aaron Rahmani


Noah Kaiserman

Maddy Nassirzadeh


Freshman Representatives

Elan Amirianfar

Shayna Eastman

Madison Heller



Freshman Representatives

Natasha Melamed

Michael Newman

Nahal Sarafian


Commissioners - ASB Department Chair Persons


Publicity & Social Media: Estella Rosen

Audio Tech & Videography: Jared Kurtz

Activities Coordinator: Jonathan Tansey  

DJ & Lunch Activity planning:  Greg Carter

Norman News: Sarah Yadidian 

Clubs: Samantha Boudaie 

Community Outreach: Rachel Galen & Chloe Levian    

Graphics & Apparel:  Jonathan Meshkani

Communications - Athletics liason:  Julien Farahmand                 

Communications - Teacher/Student: Kiana Sedighpour

Communications - Public Relations: Sarahbeth Tansey